Pakistani Top Tiktok Star Videos and Biography 2021 Updates

tiktok star
tiktok star

Pakistani Top Tiktok Star List

She Born and raised in Faisalabad. 22 years old actress Jannat Mirza has a remarkable personality and belongs to Punjabi Culture. Nowadays, he has gone to Japan to pursue higher education.

She could be a huge addition to our drama and film industry because of her TikTok video artwork. The 18-year-old has more than 5.9 million followers on her profile.

Alishba Anjum is a beautiful and notable star of the famed TikTok app with 5.9 million fans following and 120.3 million likes.

She live in Lahore with a 5.7 million fan following and 158.1 million likes.

She is a make-up artist and fashion designer who uses Tik Tok to show off her many talents. Dolly is a famous social mediatic Tok and Instagram star who gained popularity with 5.3 million followers and 128.5 million likes on TikTok.

She joined TikTok shortly after his merger with and has since raised 3.7 million.

Pinky Francis, 26, who was born in Pakistan and is currently based in Dubai, is one of the first famous tik tok stars in Pakistan.

Sandal has 2.6 million followers and 31.2 million hearts on all his videos. Along with Hareem, Sandal has also been invited to programs all over the world.

This girl knows what the trend is and she is quick to present the trending trends herself. From popular dialogues to make-up skills, she really knows how to engage her audience.

With tremendous popularity on social media, Kanwal Aftab has also collaborated with several commercials. She has acquired massive admiration with a 427.9K fan following and 4.4 million likes.

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